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Bell-Camp recently completed Phase II of this large cement plant project which covered many large custom fabrications including large scale ducting, exhaust components, machine bases and much more. The entire project consisted of over 1.2 M metric tons of fabricated components and required over 250 full truck loads to site. The various components were originally designed in Europe and Bell-Camp was required to convert the designs to suite North American manufacturing standards. All of the large components were trial fit in Bell-Camps facility and then dis-assembled prior to shipment to ensure all items fit properly when re-assembled on site. This key element eliminated the high cost of quality issues the client experienced with other vendors on previous projects.

This project allowed us to truly show off our craftsmanship!!

One of the worlds leaders in hydrogen production process technology contracted Bell-Camp to fabricate a 60' wide x 70' long x 70' high Reformer Box for a Hydrogen Plant. The fabricated unit was shipped to their customers site in Alberta, Canada in bolt together panels.

Thirty-two truckloads were required to deliver the panels which weighed a total of 400 tons and required 3000 field bolts to assemble, all of which aligned perfectly during installation!

Ralf Kühlen, our clients project manager had the following to say after the project was completed: “Our client informed us that their site personal was impressed at how well the beams and panels of the Refomer Box fit. Uhde is presently bidding on some major projects in Canada. It will be a pleasure for us to work with Bell-Camp again in the future.”

Their purchasing manager André Hinz, went on to say: “I fully agree to Ralf´s statement. I will prepare a Letter of Recommendation for you shortly”.

3000 Field Bolts perfectly aligned!

This project for SNC Lavalin consisted of three 230 ft high x 20 ft in diameter stacks weighing a total of 425 tons. The finished stacks were shipped to the Goreway Power Generation Station in Brampton, Ontario in 20 ft wide by 45 ft long sections, taking up two lanes of the 401!

Bell-Camp’s attention to detail ensured everything fit together perfectly at site and we did not incur any back charges on the entire project.

No back charges on the entire project!

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Bell-Camp was awarded a contract to fabricate a 150' stack to replace an existing smaller stack.

Fabricated mostly from Stainless Steel, the stack had a total weight in excess of 55 tons and was shipped to Hamilton, Ontario in two pieces. A two-day, error free installation, allowed the project to be completed during the Clients short shut down period.

The stack was successfully fabricated and installed in less than 6 weeks thanks to Bell-Camp’s ability to keep the project on track from the kick-off meeting through to detailing and fabrication.

Less Than Six Weeks from Start to Finish!